Seamless data integration

UI Bakery has excellent compatibility with a wide range of databases, APIs, and third-party services. This allows you to connect to your data sources and automate workflows with ease. You can leverage external APIs, perform complex calculations, and run SQL queries without any limitations.


Streamlined UI development

UI Bakery provides a hassle-free approach to designing and developing a custom admin panel. With its drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly build your UI without needing any PHP, HTML/CSS coding skills, making it a perfect fit for non-technical team members. UI Bakery also offers pre-built templates and a rich component library, which can speed up your development process.

"...The UI building canvas is very smooth and responsive..."

Jamshed J. / Mulesoft Developer

"...Smart pre-configuration of components - you don't need to set them up manually..."

Yuri V. / Founder

Enhanced user experience

UI Bakery provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface that can improve your team's productivity and make the admin panel more accessible. UI Bakery allows you to customize your admin panel according to your team's needs and workflows, resulting in a more efficient solution.


"...Incredibly flexible. Great customer support. Can connect to lots of data sources..."

Chris G. / CTO

"...There are lots of features available, and once you get your head around it, it's a pretty powerful tool..."

Ambrose C. / CTO

Filter, group, and join data from multiple sources. Use component values in queries with {{ui.nameFilter.value}}. Create requests with a user-friendly UI.

You can get an on-premise version of UI Bakery to host your data on your own VPS or in the cloud. Ship and deploy your internal tools securely.

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Advanced performance optimization

With UI Bakery, you can optimize your admin panel's performance to ensure a smooth user experience. Whether it's optimizing large forms or complex tables, UI Bakery provides multiple approaches that you can implement to enhance the app's performance.


"...We have used UI Bakery to develop a workflow management app and are very happy with the result..."

Andrei C. / Business Intelligence Engineer

Cost-effective solution

Migrating from PHP admin panels to UI Bakery can provide a cost-effective solution, allowing you to build a powerful and flexible admin panel without incurring significant development costs. With UI Bakery, you can leverage its pre-built templates and components, which can reduce development time and, as a result, save on development costs.


"...Quick and easy development and provides you a ready-to-use solution..."

Ioannis C. / Infrastructure manager


"...Intuitive, powerful and excellent value for money..."

Iain M. / Founder

from x4 times faster than classic development