1. Will this code include routings?

Yes, the downloaded project will have a regular structure of an Angular project with pages, routings and so on.

2. What if I need to change UI in Bakery for the current project downloaded from Bakery?

If you made a project in UI Bakery, downloaded it and made some changes, e.g. connected to a backend and added logic for UI, you can make changes in UI Bakery, download a new version of the project and merge with the current one with any version control system.

3. I need some components that UI Bakery doesn't have. What should I do?

We can build these components for you. There are 2 ways how we can do that:
1. If the component is widespread and can be used for other client business, we can do it for free and it will be available for all UI Bakery clients. We do it according to our product roadmap and do it at our sole discretion.
2. If the component is specific to your business, we can create it at a fixed price base and it will be available only for your company users. The price will depend on the component complexity.
For both options, please contact us on support@uibakery.io.

4. What roadmap you have and what will you add to UI Bakery in the nearest future?

We have an open ideas list that you can collaborate with us. We will be happy if you visit it following the link and suggest your ideas or like ideas you need for your business as well.
We highly appreciate your collaboration and together we will do UI Bakery better.

5. How can I connect a back-end to the front-end built in UI Bakery?

For now, you need to download the code and connect the back-end manually with the help of developers. In the nearest future, we will add back-end connection to UI Bakery. Check Bakery ideas priority to know when this future will come.

6. I need the app will be complience with my company Style Guide and it's far from the design you have in UI Bakery. How can I apply it?

We have several levels of design customization in different UI Bakery pricing plans:
1. Theming. The 1st option: you can upload the logo of your company and UI Bakery will generate the colors for your app that will be applied in a Painter module. The 2d option: you can select the colors that you want to use in UI Bakery in a Painter module.
2. Custom design system. You can contact us so that we adopt the UI Bakery design system and components to your Style Guide. The price starts from $1,500 and will be separate from the UI Bakery license and will depend on your needs and scope of work.

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