Can I build an Android app in UI Bakery?

UI Bakery is a web application builder, you can't build mobile apps in it. It generates the Angular 9+ code only. Nevertheless, you can create a website and make it responsive for smaller (mobile) screens right in UI Bakery.

Can I prototype my app in UI Bakery?

Sure. You can create a high-fidelity prototype (a mockup, a wireframe) in UI Bakery.  

Do you have any Facebook community?

Sure! And we'll be happy to see you there.

How can I cancel my subscription?

You need to log into your account, switch to account settings, and cancel your subscription there.

How can I connect a back-end to the front-end built in UI Bakery?

Now, you can use the Data connection feature available in the platform. You can find the relevant icon right between Builder and Painter in the main UI Bakery window. To figure out how to use Data connection, feel free to watch the video where we show how to work with it, step by step.

How many users get access to UI Bakery within one pricing plan?

Within any pricing plan, you pay exactly for the user who will work in UI Bakery. We do not charge for your app end-users. For instance, if you opt for the $79/month package, you pay $79 per month for a developer that will work in the platform, while the number of your future app users is unlimited. For any clarification, feel free to write to [email protected]

How to build a website in UI Bakery?

UI Bakery consists of 3 main parts: Builder Tool, Painter Tool, and Data Connection (live from June 18, 2020). Using Builder and Painter, you can create your app UI, and then connect your data using the Data connection feature. To build a website, you'll first need to find your website example. Once you have it, analyze your website layout: decide whether you need a sidebar and an action bar, how you'll need to display the content on your website, etc. To get started with building a website faster, check our webinar.

I need some components that UI Bakery doesn't have. What should I do?

We can build these components for you in two possible ways:
1. If the component you need is widespread and can be used for other client business, we can do it for free according to our product roadmap and at our sole discretion. As a result, the component will become available for all UI Bakery users.
2. If the component you need is specific to your business, we can create it at a fixed price. The price will depend on the component complexity, and in this case, the component will be available only for your company employees.
Regardless of the option you choose, please contact us on [email protected] to get more details.

I need the app to be compliant with my company style guide, and it's very different from the design you have in UI Bakery. How can I apply my company style guide in it?

We have several design customization levels in different UI Bakery pricing plans:
1. Theming. Here, you have two options. The first one is to upload your company logo in UI Bakery, so that it could generate the appropriate colors for your app and apply them in a Painter module. The second option is to select the needed colors manually in a Painter module.
2. Custom Design System. You can contact us, and we will adapt the UI Bakery Design System and its components to your Style Guide. The price starts from $1,500 and depends on your needs and scope of work. Please note that this price is not included in the UI Bakery license.

Is UI Bakery fit for building a front-end for a headless CMS?

Absolutely yes. UI Bakery allows for creating an application UI, and integrating this UI with a CMS using the Data connection feature that will become available in UI Bakery on June 18, 2020.

My pages got locked. Why did it happen?

The pages might have got locked because of your pricing plan limitations. Check the pricing details here.

What if I need to change UI in UI Bakery for the current project downloaded from UI Bakery?

If you've created a project in UI Bakery, downloaded it and made some changes, e.g. connected to a backend and added logic for UI, you can make changes in UI Bakery, download a new version of the project and merge it with the current one with any version control system.

What roadmap you have and what will you add to UI Bakery in the nearest future?

We have an open idea list created for your comfortable collaboration with us. We would highly appreciate if you follow the link and suggest any new ideas you consider to be useful for your business. Let's collaborate to enhance UI Bakery and extend its functionality!

Where can I get a demo to see what UI Bakery is capable of?

We provide an absolutely free UI Bakery demo – just select a time slot that suits you best, and we'll show you all UI Bakery possibilities.

Will this code include routings?

Yes, the downloaded project will have a regular structure of an Angular project with pages, routings, and other elements.