What's new: March 2024
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What's new: March 2024

UI Bakery Team
UI Bakery Team
March 29, 2024

It's that time of the year again when the birds chirp, the flowers bloom, and UI Bakery unleashes a bouquet of fresh features to make your development journey even more delightful! 🌼🚀 We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our long-awaited and much-requested features, so grab your favorite coding beverage and let's dive into what's blooming in UI Bakery this spring!

Introducing UI Bakery Database: Your data's new best friend 📊


Drumroll, please! 🥁 Say hello to the UI Bakery Database – your one-stop solution for rapid and secure data storage and management. Picture this: merging the power of PostgreSQL with an interface that feels like a spreadsheet, making data management a breeze!

With the UI Bakery Database, you can:

  • Craft Custom Schemas  Easily create and tweak tables with custom schemas, including primary and foreign keys.
  • Edit with Ease: Edit data directly within cells, summon new rows effortlessly, and even let AI lend a helping hand for auto-generation.
  • Sort and Filter Like a Pro: Organize your data with powerful sorting options and wield advanced filters for pinpoint precision.

On the cloud version, the management of the database is handled by UI Bakery. For self-hosted deployments, you maintain your own PostgreSQL database. Please note that you have 5 GB of free data storage on a cloud version. F or more details about the UI Bakery database please refer to the documentation.

Meet the Avatar Component: users never looked better! 👤


Tired of boring profile displays? Enter the Avatar Component, your gateway to jazzing up user information and profile images! This nifty little component boasts image, title, caption, and badge fields, plus a variety of image shapes to suit your style. Say cheese!

Containers: Methods() – because direct interaction rocks! 💥

Containers: Methods()

With the introduction of methods for children components of containers, get ready to enhance accessibility and functionality like never before. Direct interaction with included components in list, grid views, and more? Yes, please!

Dynamic Titles: Tables, Forms, Details – Keeping It Fresh! 🌟

Dynamic Titles: Tables, Forms, Details – Keeping It Fresh! 🌟

We're shaking things up with dynamic titles for Tables, Forms, and Details. Say goodbye to stale interfaces and hello to clarity and adaptability at its finest.

A sneak peek at what's next in UI Bakery (hint: it's not bread, it's features) 🔮

But wait, there's more! In the pipeline, we've got the AIdata source and the app import/export feature gearing up for their grand debut. Stay tuned for more updates! ☄️ Don’t forget to post your ideas to our public roadmap.✨

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