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Discover UI Bakery, the platform that enables seamless migration of your existing apps from and unlocks even more possibilities for automation!

Regrettably, is closing its doors. UI Bakery is happy to lend a helping hand for a smooth transition or step in as a robust alternative to meet your low-code development needs.

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Why using UI Bakery?

You can effortlessly design business logic, utilizing either a visual approach or custom coding, and deploy your creation swiftly with just one click.

Build the app as you're used to

Both UI Bakery and offer app building through drag and drop. Continue with the approach you love!

data sources

Connect your favorite data sources, and even more

UI Bakery allows connections to databases, HTTP APIs, and third-party services supported by, plus additional data sources such as Oracle, Firebase, OpenAPI, SMTP, SSH, and others.

Gain more flexibility with actions and custom code

Experience even greater flexibility with UI Bakery's multi-step actions and custom JS/Python code. Discover what our clients have achieved using UI Bakery in our Case Studies.

Check our Case Studies
flexibility with actions and custom code

* Copy CURL to obtain a 14-days license key.

Cloud or Self-host

Opt for our scalable cloud or self-host UI Bakery using Docker if your data cannot be accessed from the Internet, or if you require additional control over your environment.

Enhanced flexibility and security with the Enterprise Plan

The UI Bakery Enterprise plan offers additional features to meet your security policies, such as SSO, SCIM, and the option to remove UI Bakery branding for white-labeling your apps.

Our plans started with features like:
Up to 5 users
Unlimited scheduled jobs/webhooks
Unlimited apps, pages, actions, data sources
Modules & Actions Library
Mobile Responsive Apps
1000 scheduled job/webhook executions/month
AI assistant
Release history
App and data source Environments
Add more than 5 users
User Roles (admin, editor, user)

x10 times faster
than classic development

The UI Bakery platform offers a cost-effective approach to creating applications. With UI Bakery, you can achieve your app development goals without breaking the bank.

See what they're saying
The service is easy to apprehend. We are really satisfied with the product and the support team is always quick to answer questions. What we liked the most was the speed to have a new user interface connected to data, and all the components which are easy to integrate.
Sylvain L. / Software Architect

Sylvain L. / Software Architect

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