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Move into the flow of creating a handy internal tool with UI Bakery

Build an app on top of your data sources & APIs. Load your data, integrate with third-party systems and APIs, and more.
Use ready-made templates and UI components to display the exact data you need. No front-end engineer & designer required.
Enrich your app with more advanced business logic: connect third-party libraries, add conditional logic & custom data processing.
Publish your app fast and securely with a button click & adjust it on the go. Invite your users and introduce updates with zero downtime.
Do away with all-in-one out-of-the-box solutions. Build an app perfectly tailored for your users with no need to waste time on their training & onboarding.

Create various solutions with
UI Bakery

Admin panel

Get an admin dashboard with task boards, data charts & tables. Access and manipulate all the data related to your users, tasks & their implementation status, etc.

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Inventory management app

Grab an inventory management tool to ensure stock control across your retail company. Track your inventory status & get real-time insights into the sales activities.

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CRM dashboard

Try a ready-made sales CRM dashboard to simplify your sales management process. Get the statistics charts and track your CRM activities in your sales accounts.

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Time tracking software

Create a versatile time tracking tool for your internal needs. Get time reports as graphs, tables, charts. Quickly integrate your time tracking app into the business processes.

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Third-party services integration

Integrate 3rd-party services several times faster with low code. Manage various external apps with one frontend built in UI Bakery. User authentication – available.

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Data visualization

Visualize your business data with the UI Bakery GUI tool. Connect any data source (MySQL, Google Sheets), combine data charts, tables, dashboards to get the needed GUI.

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What makes UI Bakery different

Our efforts are recognized by the Google Team, Product Hunt, and No-Code Communities.

Our Open Source products are verified by thousands of developers all over the world.

We share our expertise at World Class Tech Conferences like AngularConnect.

Case studies

Check how UI Bakery users have already digitized their businesses. Equip your team with our low-code development tool to build an MVP, a white label app, or a web app for your industry 2x faster.

Build an app front-end 2 times faster

  • A white-label front-end adaptable for any business area.

  • An app design customizable for any industry in 1 day.

  • Social network app template development sped up 2 times.

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Create 2 functional apps for the MVP building time

  • 2x reduction of the development time & efforts.

  • 2 separate web and mobile apps development instead of 1 cross-platform app.

  • Digitisation of ordering & communication processes for restaurateurs & suppliers.

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Get digital transformation in retail with 3x costs reduction

  • A full-fledged web app with a responsive design for automating business processes.

  • 3x acceleration of sales and documentation processes.

  • 2х app development time reduction compared to custom app development.

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What UI Bakers say

"Wow UI Bakery looks amazing. Angular-based and open source. Strap up to a custom database. This is going to eat some no-code platforms' lunches..."

David Head
Freelance No-Code CTO

"What I like the most are the dashboards. Having such control in the front-end is a reason to marry you for life. From reports to indicators and dashboards. It's going to be majestic."

Periklis Papanikolaou
Business Performance Analyst

"This is one of the best no-code tools I’ve ever seen!"

Nikolaj Ptaberg
Full-stack Developer

What UI Bakers say

Nitin Nair
Frontend Developer at a Fleet Management Company

"I'm trying to build a bug tracker frontend app for our team. Stumbled upon UI Bakery – it'll surely help us create our bug tracker! The best part of UI Bakery is the customization level it provides."

Periklis Papanikolaou
Business Performance Analyst

"What I like the most are the dashboards. Having such control in the front-end is a reason to marry you for life. From reports to indicators and dashboards. It's going to be majestic."

Nikolaj Ptaberg
Full-stack Developer

"This is one of the best no-code tools I’ve ever seen!"