I'm in. What's next?

All the research is conducted remotely. Basic tech skills and Internet connection is everything you need.

User interview

Help us understand your vision and preferences better by discussing new features with us during a 30-min call.

Usability test

Do simple tasks in UI Bakery or the other low-code platforms we’ll offer, and share your impressions with us in a 30-min meeting.

A/B testing

Choose one of the several feature designs we’ll show, and tell us which one and why appeals to you most of all during a short call.


Fill in a questionnaire on a specific topic we’ll share with you. No additional meetings – you can take a survey any time you like.

Card sorting

Categorize the cards related to a particular feature in the most appropriate way in your opinion. No meetings – do the task when convenient.

What benefits will I get?

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Early access to all the new UI Bakery features.
* 50% discount for your current subscription plan.
High-priority support from the UI Bakery team.
An opportunity to influence our tool development.

* The discount is activated after you participate in the 1st research.

Can I try UI Bakery before paying?
Yes, UI Bakery is free to try. You can build 1 project (application), connect it to your data source, create your own theme. You can download the code of any template available in UI Bakery to check its code quality and structure.
You’ll need to pay only if you decide to download anything custom you’ve built in UI Bakery.
How often will you email me?
We’ll contact you once a month with the relevant information only. No spam.
What if I join the research team but won’t take part in the activities?
We understand that you’ll hardly be able to participate in all the activities. However, if you decline the invitations more than 3 times in a row, you’ll lose all the benefits the research team members get.
Do I need to be a UI Bakery user to join?
No, you don’t. You can join the user research team if you’re a backend developer, have something to do with backend, or you’re a software engineer with not much expertise with frontend.
Do I have to participate in all the studies?
No, you can specify the research types you would like to take part in.
Will my feedback be confidential?
Absolutely yes. We’ll never share your feedback with third parties, and will use it for our internal purposes only.
What will you do with my personal information?
All your personal data will be stored in a 100% secure database. Only the UI Bakery team members will have access to it.
Can I leave the research team if I want to?
Yes, but we hope for a fruitful long-term cooperation :) Contact us via [email protected] if you decide to leave.