Sign-Up Form

A simple signup page containing the must-have fields (name, email, password) to collect and process the most essential information about your web app users. Serves as a sign-in or login form as well. Fully responsive. Can be integrated with various APIs like Gmail, Facebook, etc. Available for free in any pricing plan.

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UI Components Configuration

Choose from a variety of layouts, widgets, and other UI components, configure and customize them as you wish, and make changes across your app in one click.

Responsive Design & App Branding

Spend just a few minutes to make your app fit any screen size using UI Bakery Responsive Design. Match your app with your branding right within the platform without involving designers.

Data Connection & API Integration

Connect your backend and any types of data to your app, modify and configure it right in the platform, visually integrate your app with any open API.

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