Monitor stock condition regularly

Stay on top of all the changes in your inventory status, order implementation, shipment, and more. Get real-time reporting for all the necessary inventory. Avoid the situations when your retail business gets overstocked or understocked.

Control your orders, purchases & deliveries

Keep track of all your orders throughout their implementation accurately. Get all the needed warehouse functions centralized. Monitor your stock level, product history, and more without the risk of ending up with excess stock or insufficient inventory amount.

Connect the data sources you need

Combine all the data pulled from MySQL, Google Sheets, Firebase, and other databases in one place. Integrate with any HTTP API in a few clicks. Represent all the accumulated data graphically to get an overview of all your inventory insights. 

Visualize your stock state

Choose from a variety of the available data visualization forms. Present your inventory data as charts, graphs, tables, maps, dashboards, etc. Provide your employees, stakeholders, and investors with the dissected & understandable inventory data.

Share your inventory data securely

Communicate the most essential inventory KPIs to your team members while ensuring a proper data protection level. Get 100% protected inventory optimization, and give secure access to your inventory management tool to your team and stakeholders.

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