We’d love to provide our professional services, such as onboarding, training, custom components and design. If you haven't found something for your business out of the box, we will deliver it to help your business to grow.

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Let us carefully take you through the project creation, and show you how to build your app interface in the low-code platform without developers. We prepare a demo on how to create your app based on your requirements, just send us a wireframe or screen of a page.

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Custom Theming Design

Would you like to have a visual theme based on your brand? You can easily achive this using Branding tool in UI Bakery, available on Standard plan. Or simply send us your logo and short project description and we will create a tailored theme for you.

Style Guide

Did you know that the Style Guide helps to keep a consistent design and convey your corporate vision? If you still don't have it, we can build it for you. You get all components designed in Sketch, developed in Angular and rules how they should behave in one place. The components are available in the platform and only users you approve will be able to use them.

Custom Components Development

Not enough components in UI Bakery? We provide more on request. We can build custom components for you and add them to UI Bakery so you can use them as the existing ones. The components will be available only for your company users.

Training & Education

We conduct individualized education, both online and on-site. The topics depend on your needs. Request a training on how non-technical users can use UI Bakery, or how developers can connect backend to Angular generated code, change themes, etc.