New Tutorials – On Board. Check Them Out in UI Bakery

Eugenia Evtushenko

1 min

The UI Bakery team has recently updated interactive tutorials. Now, there are two main options to choose from: 

  • Pass a tutorial to learn the Builder basic principles. This tutorial has 2 options: for those who already have a development background, and those who haven’t.
  • Pass a tutorial based on a particular example – creating & customizing an article card – to learn how to work with the UI Bakery components.

Pop in the platform to learn how to add new spaces, icons, and other components, change their sizes and alignment, work with cards, etc. 

Join the UI Bakery community to influence the next platform updates and improvements!

Leave your feature requests, suggest new webinar topics, tell us about the templates you'd like to have in UI Bakery, and more.

October 2, 2020
Eugenia Evtushenko
Content Marketer at Akveo

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