UI Bakery onboarding tutorial – now available in the platform


Eugenia Evtushenko

If you are already familiar with UI Bakery, you know that its functionality is rich. However, especially if it’s your first time in our apps builder, it may be challenging to figure out how to use and where to find some really useful features of UI Bakery.

That is why the UI Bakery apps builder team has prepared the new tutorial both for the app development platform veterans and newcomers. The tutorial contains useful tricks & tips that will allow you to embrace the UI Bakery functionality to meet all your needs. The app building process will become much more pleasant and seamless for you. 

In the tutorial, we show how to use the main interface elements available within the UI Bakery internal tool builder, such as:

  • The Working area.
  • The Component picker.
  • The Configuration panel.
  • The Toolbar.
  • The Sidebars and the Navigation bar.
  • The Builder.
  • The Painter.
Useful tips and tricks to build your own app in a low code development platform UI Bakery

We’ve based a tutorial on a simple example and illustrated each step of the onboarding tutorial. 

We’ll show you how to:

  • Сreate an Article card, configure and customize its Header, Body, and Footer.
  • Properly group the elements within a Card component.
  • Align the Card and change its direction to display correctly.
  • Manage and configure spaces.
  • Use the drag-and-drop technique while working with components.
  • Set an image as a background to make an interface more visually appealing.
  • Add the icons for Likes and Shares. 
  • Use Spacing control to separate UI components from each other.
  • Work with shortcuts to cut, copy, paste, and remove simple elements and huge blocks, etc.
Tutorial with tips and tricks on using a low code development platform to help SMBs and enterprises build web apps fast

Does any point sound like something new? Pass the UI Bakery Onboarding Tutorial to get acquainted with all the listed features! 

And for those who are already familiar with them - "practice makes perfect", right? Go to the left sidebar in UI Bakery to find the link to the tutorial. No need to pass all the steps, pay attention to those that spark your interest.

March 24, 2020

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