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Top 7 product roadmap templates that startup makers prefer


Eugenia Evtushenko

Since you’re here, you’ve figured out what a roadmap is and whether you need to have one in your business. Let’s now look at the most popular paid and free product roadmap software providing ready-made product roadmap examples you can use not to build your own product roadmap from scratch.

#1. A product roadmap template – airfocus


  • Integrated prioritization tools and prioritization templates.
  • Timeline and Kanban visualizations.
  • Jira Cloud, Trello, Asana, MS Planner, Clubhouse, GitHub, Zapier integrations.
  • PDF, CSV export available.
  • Priority Poker available to easily make prioritization decisions across your team.
  • Role permissions.
  • Unlimited viewers to provide stakeholders with an easy way to give feedback on your Roadmap.


  • No forever free plan.
  • Role permissions available only for more advanced plans.
  • Priority Poker available only within more advanced plans.

#2. A product roadmap template – Roadmunk 

Roadmunk product roadmap template


  • Two views: Timeline (time-based) and Swimlane (progress-based).
  • Drag-n-drop editing technique for customizing a product roadmap as you need.
  • Team collaboration feature.
  • A free 14-day trial for any of the paid plans.
  • Export of a ready-made roadmap in PNG or HTML formats (a paid option).
  • Deployment of your roadmap to the Roadmunk’s domain.
  • Data import from a CSV directly into your roadmap within any of the plans.
  • Jira epics and issues import into the roadmap you’re building in Roadmunk.


  • No forever free plan.
  • Limited third-party integrations available only within paid plans.
  • Free training and support provided only within the most expensive plans.
  • A private cloud offered only within the Enterprise plan.
  • Custom color palettes available only within several most expensive plans.

#3. A product roadmap template – Smartsheet

Smartsheet product roadmap template


  • Several product roadmap templates for various purposes (multiple products, agile products, features, etc.).
  • A product roadmap export in Excel, Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and Google Sheets.
  • A free trial provided.
  • Integrations with Google, Office 365, Slack within any plan.
  • Several views: Grid, Gantt, Card, and Calendar.
  • Smartsheet mobile apps for iOS and Android.


  • No forever free plan.
  • Custom branding available only within paid plans.
  • Connection to analytics tools like Tableau, Excel, Qlik, and Spotfire available only within the most expensive plan.
  • An ability to create only 1 dashboard within the cheapest plan. 
  • The number of pages you can create within one dashboard for free is limited.
  • A range of integrations (Microsoft Power BI, Jira, etc.) available only either within expensive plans or at an extra cost.

#4. A product roadmap template – ProductPlan


  • An ability to reflect the strategic goals (generating more leads, increasing revenue) you need to reach within the specified time period. 
  • Product roadmap export in PDF, PNG, or XLS formats. 
  • Backend connection using the ProductPlan’s open API.
  • An unlimited number of roadmaps you can create within any of the plans.
  • A simple drag-n-drop editor to visually edit your roadmap.
  • Basic integrations available regardless of the plan you choose (Jira, Trello, Slack, GitHub, etc.).
  • In-app chat and email support provided within all any plan.
  • A free 14-day trial period to try almost all the features.
  • Several views: Timeline, List, Portfolio views, Planning board, and Table layout.
  • Rich app customization opportunities.


  • No forever free plan.
  • Custom integrations with REST APIs available only within the most expensive plans.
  • MS Teams integration available only within the most expensive plans.

#5. A product roadmap template – UI Bakery


  • A product roadmap template reflecting upcoming features, iterations, planned & recently implemented improvements, and more. 
  • A fully responsive template design. 
  • Backend connection using an open API.
  • Customizable with ready-made widgets and other UI components.
  • App branding opportunities.
  • An ability to visually integrate your product roadmap with any REST API.


  • Not so many integrations with 3rd-party systems and datasources available yet.
  • Custom reusable components not available yet (coming soon).

#6. A product roadmap template – Aha!

Aha! product roadmap template


  • A 30-day trial (with the limits in the number of features you can try though). 
  • Product roadmap export in Excel, PowerPoint, PNG, PDF formats. 
  • The division of the tasks into quarters, and grouping them based on the team responsible for their implementation. 
  • Integration with over 30 apps (Jira, Slack, Azure DevOps, Salesforce, G Suite, and more), although the option is paid.
  • Various product roadmaps types: Portfolio roadmap, Goals roadmap, Initiatives roadmap, and other.
  • Aha! mobile app to easily access your roadmap from anywhere.
  • App deployment within the platform.


  • No forever free plan.
  • The need to pay for each user in the Premium plan.
  • A limited number of viewers and reviewers at no extra cost included in the Premium plan.
  • Relatively expensive compared to the other reviewed vendors.
  • You may not be able to connect your own backend to the template (support help is needed).

#7. A product roadmap template – Office Timeline


  • A template including the details about the product features, iterations, upcoming releases, and more. 
  • A simple drag-n-drop editor to customize your product roadmap.
  • An ability to personalize a template using the Office Timeline Pro add-in in Excel or PowerPoint. 
  • Data import from Excel and Project.
  • Сorporate branding.
  • Product roadmap export in PowerPoint, Excel, and PNG formats. 
  • A forever free plan available, however with limitations (the timelines exceeding 10 rows of data are watermarked, the number of swimlanes is limited, etc.).


  • 3rd-party integrations are not available.
  • Data & backend connection is not available.
  • No app responsive design.

Summing up: why building from scratch?

Depending on what aspects you need to reflect on your product roadmap, your choice of a template and a product roadmap software may vary. There are ready-made solutions for those who are trying to manage several products at one time, young startups bootstrapping their way to the market, quality-focused agile teams, etc. 

Some tools allow you to download a customized product roadmap in Excel or PowerPoint, while other apps builders allow you to create a full-fledged web app with a responsive design, and an unlimited number of pages, and deploy it on a custom domain without leaving the app building platform.

Regardless of the software you choose – value your time, do not build from scratch, choose from the plethora of the ready-made product roadmap templates.

October 6, 2020
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