How UI Bakery helped Swiss Startup Tech implement digital transformation in hospitality


Eugenia Evtushenko

Disclaimer: the outdated version of UI Bakery was used in the case.


Swiss Startup Tech is a group of companies helping startups with digital transformation and software solution development. In the current economic situation, digital transformation became the first priority for a number of companies. 

One of the Swiss Startup Tech’s clients from the restaurant business was weary of lengthy ordering & communication processes with suppliers. They wanted to get the software that will digitize and thus speed up these tasks.

Swiss Startup Tech was tied to strict deadlines. They needed to develop an MVP for their client as quickly as possible, and provide them with a ready-made digital solution. The solution had to serve as a unified platform handling both ordering and communication between restaurateurs and suppliers.


To implement the project within the shortest possible term while saving human and technology resources, Swiss Startup Tech decided to use UI Bakery, a low-code platform. 

Order management software for a startup needed to build an MVP
Digital transformation in hospitality with UI Bakery

The entire project was divided into the following stages:

  1. Application designing & back-end creation.
  2. Front-end to back-end connection.
  3. Dividing the front-end to get two separate applications.
  4. Transforming one web app into a mobile app with push notifications.

The web app design was created in UI Bakery. Simultaneously, the back-end was prepared using Node.js and MongoDB based on the data provided by the end customer. Due to the Responsive feature the UI Bakery online app builder has, and Nebular, a web UI library the app development platform uses, there was no need to involve UI designers in the process. Nebular allowed for creating web app design using ready-made themes, icons, inputs, and other UI components. 

Further, thanks to Eva Design System under the hood, the app was customized to match with the end-client’s logo. The overall time spent on the web app design was reduced almost twice.

When the front-end stage was finished, the Angular code was downloaded from the UI Bakery apps builder, and connected to the back-end. To make the app convenient both for restaurateurs and suppliers, it was decided to divide the app into two parts, and transform one of them into a mobile app for restaurateurs. To get a fully-functional mobile app with push notifications from the web app built in UI bakery in the shortest term, Ionic was used.

The entire development cycle took less than 6 weeks, while generally, the implementation of such projects takes over 12 weeks. 

Ordering & communication simplified with UI Bakery

Order management software to implement digital transformation in hospitality industry
Ordering & communication web app built with UI Bakery

With the help of the UI Bakery app development platform, Swiss Startup Tech built not just one cross-platform MVP but 2 separate web and mobile apps. Swiss Startup Tech managed to achieve the following results:

  • The time, technologies, and human resources were almost twice reduced due to the use of the UI Bakery apps builder.
  • Restaurateurs can make and track their orders using an intuitively understandable mobile app with push notifications.
  • Suppliers have no more need to fill in new orders manually: order management can now be done in a web app, and takes a few minutes.

With the help of UI Bakery, a tool for visual development, Swiss Startup Tech managed to fully digitize manual ordering & communication processes for restaurateurs and suppliers.

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April 17, 2020
November 29, 2021

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