Get a Feature-Rich
UI Builder with
Angular Code Under the Hood

From UI building & designing an app to its successful deployment.
Get a strong advantage with a full-fledged solution at hand.

Low code UI builder with an ability to get the Angular code
Low code development platform with UI builder inside

Online UI Builder

Automate a number of repetitive tasks with the rich functionality of the platform. Based on Angular, one of the most popular frameworks, created by Google for enterprise solutions, you can build a full-fledged app 2 times faster compared to manual app development.

Online low code app builder with ready layouts and widgets

Use predefined layouts and numerous widgets.

Modify and configure your app components on the fly in a low code development platform

Modify UI components on the fly while keeping the consistency of the changes.

Low code development platform allowing you to download Angular code

Download the Angular code from UI Bakery, and add the logic – no platform lock-in.

Customizable Design System inside

No more necessity to involve designers to brand your app and spend tedious hours on making it responsive.

UI Bakery uses Eva, a customizable Design System that greatly simplifies the creation of a white-label app for you. Try a variety of ready templates and UI components available in the platform, and tailor your white-label app for various clients & domains with lightning speed.

A customizable Design System with ready templates to tailor your white label app for various industries
A low code development platform allowing designers and citizen developers build web apps without coding

Development without Coding

Don’t bother about finding mature software engineers to build your app. UI Bakery is intuitively understandable, and can be used both by citizen developers and designers.

There's no need to write even a single line of code to build an MVP to test your product on the market.

App Deployment & Data Connection

Forget about the need to search for and configure a cloud solution for app deployment & data connection.

You can build a visually appealing functional app with logic and data right in UI Bakery. Connect your app to any service or backend via API, and visually deploy it to the preferred domain. Modify, configure, and map your data within UI Bakery. No need to involve DevOps engineers.

Data connection, API integration and app deployment via a low code development platform