Data connection in UI Bakery

Connect data & integrate APIs right in UI Bakery

Integrate the needed data with a frontend you've build in UI Bakery. Add business logic, create & manage workflows, customize actions with code.

Connect data to your app

Fetch data from the backend, and perform any action by calling to HTTP APIs. Connect to the needed database, or anything that has a REST API.

Link the data to maps, tables, dropdowns, charts, text inputs, forms, buttons, images, etc. Ensure the correct representation of data collections.

Add & manage data collections. Set actions – the sets of steps meant to react to user interactions (e.g., button clicks). Process the data received from users.

Customize your action steps with JavaScript code when needed. Use custom code to filter and categorize your data.

Deploy and launch your app with a button click right in UI Bakery to watch it live. Share it with your team or clients to get their feedback.

Host the created application either on the UI Bakery domain, or add and use a custom one – no need to leave the platform for that. 

Watch how to connect REST API 🔥

What UI Bakers say

"Wow UI Bakery looks amazing. Angular-based and open source. Export to code. Or strap up to a custom database. This is going to eat some no-code platforms' lunches..."

David Head
Freelance No-Code CTO

"I’ve used UI Bakery in app development twice, and I can say that it's a great tool for building IoT, e-Commerce, and other dashboards. Pleased with the opportunity to create responsive design."

Alex Kurbako
Full-stack Developer

"What I like the most are the dashboards. Having such control in the front-end is a reason to marry you for life. From reports to indicators and dashboards. It's going to be majestic."

Periklis Papanikolaou
Business Performance Analyst