Back-office builder

Build Own Back-Office Visually in a Few Days 

Low code development platform for building web apps with predefined UI components and widgets

Digital transformation is too expensive and complex...

We know how to develop a back-office fast and with minimal efforts. Let UI Bakery unlock the hidden capacity of your product. No frontend development and design skills are required.

No need to allocate funds

from your company’s budget to build your back-office. 

No need to look for & hire

development agencies to create and keep a back office up to date.

No need to spend developers’ time

on the automation of internal processes.

Improve customer satisfaction

with a rapid automated service and personalized data.

Make changes in one click

with no need to wait for developers to provide updates. 

Get your technical advisor 

to define the most suitable direction for you.

How it works

Start with a free ready-made template, or build a UI from scratch using predefined layouts, widgets, and UI components.

Connect a created frontend to APIs, link the data to UI components, add business logic, create workflows to make your app full-fledged.

Deploy and launch your app with a button click in UI Bakery, host it on the UI Bakery domain, or use a custom one. Export your project code if needed.

Generate your web app Angular code & export it from UI Bakery in 1 click. Edit the code, and use outside the platform as you wish. No platform lock-in.

Why UI Bakery

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No need to check for framework updates and upgrade your web app manually. The web app built in UI Bakery is always up to date. The most popular UI framework – Angular – is under the hood.

GitHub stars

Make your app appealing without designers' help. UI Bakery’s based on a customizable Design System allowing you to create a web app preserving consistency across its components. 

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Try a user-friendly UI builder and an intuitive painter approved by thousands UI Bakers. Brand your app on the fly. Reach out our support team whenever you need. Try all the platform’s functionality for free.

How to Build 2 Full-Fledged Apps for the MVP Creation Time

Success Story
  • The development time & efforts almost twice reduced.

  • 2 separate web and mobile apps instead of 1 cross-platform app.

  • Fully digitized ordering & communication process for restaurateurs and suppliers.

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Data connection available in UI Bakery low code software
Data connection available in UI Bakery low code software

How a Retail Business Went Digital with 3x Costs Reduction

Success Story
  • The automation of business processes allowing for increasing the number of clients.

  • The 3x acceleration of the trade-in and buyout processes.

  • The 2х reduction of the app development time compared to custom app development.

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Data connection available in UI Bakery low code software
Data connection available in UI Bakery low code software
Discover how easy it is to build a frontend & connect your backend to it in UI Bakery

What UI Bakers say

"Wow UI Bakery looks amazing. Angular-based and open source. Export to code. Or strap up to a custom database. This is going to eat some no-code platforms' lunches..."

David Head
Freelance No-Code CTO

"I’ve used UI Bakery in app development twice, and I can say that it's a great tool for building IoT, e-Commerce, and other dashboards. Pleased with the opportunity to create responsive design."

Alex Kurbako
Full-stack Developer

"What I like the most are the dashboards. Having such control in the front-end is a reason to marry you for life. From reports to indicators and dashboards. It's going to be majestic."

Periklis Papanikolaou
Business Performance Analyst