Make a beautiful UI without learning new frameworks

Mix 50+ components like Tables, Charts, Forms, and Buttons with 10+ column and field types. Display a Currency value or an Image in a Table cell, add a Datepicker field to a Form, or allow multiple data sets in a Chart. Drag-n-drop & organize components into dashboards. Adjust look & feel with CSS.

Build internal tools based on your data

You can work with any data source. Your credentials are stored securely – UI Bakery doesn’t keep the actual data you send and receive.

No hassle with 3rd-party services documentation: connect using our native integrations.

Put in your database credentials and query it directly through UI Bakery proxies.

Integrate any REST or GraphQL API using Postman-like interface and curl shortcuts.

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Apply only those
skills you already have

No need to learn anything new. We offer the instruments you’re well-versed in. You can easily configure SQL queries or API requests inside your app, and test right away.

Send SQL queries to your database 

Filter, group and join data from multiple tables or even multiple data sources. Append component values you’d like to send inside of INSERT queries or set a filter value in WHERE clauses referencing a component variable {{ui.nameFilter.value}}. Alternatively, create load/get/update/create/delete requests using a user-friendly GUI.

SQL queries support with columns and operators auto-suggestion

User-friedly GUI as an alternative to custom queries

Autogeneration of a component structure from a query result

Connect any API with REST or GraphQL calls

Copy-paste a curl request or manually configure a custom HTTP call. Add dynamic header values, reference {{ui.form.value}} as a request body. Map received data before displaying it or merge it with a secondary request. Use workflow conditions to handle load errors and execute fallback operations, like requesting the data from a different source or using a cached version.

Send HTTP requests with a Postman-like interface

Send and automatically recognize curl requests

Store API tokens in an encrypted vault absolutely secure

Use JavaScript to connect everything together

No worries if the data formats do not match. You can transform it with bits of JavaScript, merge various request results using Promises {{const result = await actions.load.trigger()}}, add conditions to highlight values based on the actual field value {{value > 15 ? ‘#ff0000’ : ‘#00ff00’}}. JavaScript can also be used to work with moment.js and lodash libraries if you need to format your dates before displaying them or convert them back before sending to the server as SQL queries.

Custom JavaScript code anywhere within the application

Any JavaScript library and DOM modifications out of the box

Variable value previews in the application runtime

Expand your internal tools as you grow, no limits

You’re not locked in by the current platform functionality. With UI Bakery, you can:

  • Develop custom components using React or plain JavaScript. Reuse them across your apps. Connect any third-party library like moment.js or lodash to extend the built-in functionality.

  • Embed the created apps into your existing solution, and pass context variables using query parameters.

UI Bakery Intro

Watch video to know all basic things in UI Bakery.

Share your applications securely with your organization

With UI Bakery, you can easily share the internal tools you build with teammates, clients, and other users without bothering about data security.

Invite your team members to collaborate, assign roles so that they could view, build, manage tools and users within the organization. Conditionally display or hide components based on a {{user.role}} variable.

Forget about endless CI/CD pipelines. Publish updates in one click in multiple environments.

Manage your tools by creating custom roles & permissions, and investigating audit logs to track usage or debug issues. Control versions to publish or undo changes.

Create automated workflows for scheduled jobs and webhooks

Execute a complex SQL query, call a custom HTTP API, perform ETLs, send an alert, process data from Webhook, and many more.

Do more by writing a custom JS Code when you need it.

Use conditional logic, process multiple objects using loops.

Pay per VM-instance instead of number of operations by going on-prem.

Built faster with
UI Bakery copilot

UI Bakery Copilot is your secret weapon for rapid development. With its intuitive interface and intelligent code generation, you can build stunning web apps in no time. Experience the future of app development today with new AI Assistant.

Loved by developers

"What I liked most is the intuitive, nice looking and highly customizable interface. In a few hours I made my first dashboard, with a couple of data sources. The price makes the product suitable even for small projects."

George P. / Lead Software Engineer

"Easy to integrate with Firebase Database. Intuitive and elegant user interface. Complete documentation online. Excellent technical support that has always been available to advance my projects."

Jose P. / Engineer

"UI Bakery had the best combination of features, price, and support. From a features side, their app is crazy flexible and easy to work with. If you have any dev experience whatsoever, you'll be spinning up web apps in no time flat!"

Joe H. / Small Business Owner

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